Mr. Right

Mr. Right…this word causes anticipation, frustration, sadness, happiness, motivation, inspiration and so many other emotions throughout our lives. But does this word have an EXACT meaning? The answer is no because everyone’s definition of Mr. Right is different. We all want different things in life so, what we look for in our Mr. Right is different as well. However, if you haven’t found your Mr. Right yet, then consider him to be like an abstract painting for now. You’re not sure what the EXACT picture is but we will help you identify some of the COLOURS on this painting. These colours represent characteristics that the universal Mr. Right should have. We will discuss these characteristics towards the end of the post but for now I want you to sit back and truly understand why Mr. Right is an abstract painting. What makes him so special and distinct in our lives? What should we do to find him? Once you’re done reading this post I want you to start actually putting together your painting and ask yourself what DOES my Mr. Right look like?  

Crush VS Mr. Right:

Crushes…haven’t we all had at least one crazy one?! Sometimes some of us don’t ever even talk to our crush yet we feel like we’re almost in love with them! We are certain that this guy is our Mr. Right even though we don’t know him too well. How can you be sooo attracted to someone you don’t even talk to? It’s because you like the IDEA of them, You start imagining all these cute scenarios in your head where you and your crush are living the dream! This is not uncommon, but we want you to be aware of the fact that you shouldn’t invest yourself too much into your crush! A guy that you don’t know much about can’t be your Mr. Right because of that very reason, you don’t know him well enough to give him that label. He may be the most attractive guy in the room but maybe his personality doesn’t match his looks. You will never know until you actually get to know them. So please, try to TALK TO THEM. Try to be their FRIEND and if you sense that they’re not interested or they just don’t want a relationship, then STEP BACK. Don’t beat yourself up about it! But don’t blame him either! Like I said before, we are all out looking for different things in life and as amazing and beautiful as YOU are, you would not have been compatible with your crush. Your relationship would have had a very short life if it had started anyway. The main point I want you to get out of this is that your crush is just a CRUSH and not Mr. Right, so please don’t give him that label until you have an idea of whether or not you two will be AT LEAST somewhat COMPATIBLE.


Rebound VS Mr. Right:

Lots of people feel the need to find a rebound as a consequence of a broken heart just to make someone jealous. Now don’t get me wrong, the idea of a rebound (bouncing back up to another relationship after you just came out of one) is not wrong! It only becomes a problem when you DON’T do it for yourself but rather do it for the sole purposes of making someone else jealous. There was a quote we came across on social media that said: “The worst thing about a girl with a broken heart, is that she starts to hand out the pieces to anyone that comes along.” Please don’t be that girl. Don’t take these broken hearts as failures of you as a person, but rather as inspiration. Those who broke your heart are paving the way to lead you to your Mr. Right and one day you will realize why it was never meant to work out with anyone else. Until that day, have faith and understand that sometimes you have to come across many frogs before you find your Prince. There was a scene in the show, Gossip Girl, where Blair Waldorf tries to hook up with someone just to make Chuck Bass (her ex) jealous, however eventually she gives up and says to Chuck: “The way to get over you isn’t by hooking up with some random guy or pretending like we didn’t happen. You and I loved each other. And then you broke my heart. I’ve been doing everything possible not to face that fact. I’m gonna kiss somebody someday, and when I do, it’ll be for me.” This quote is so empowering because it illustrates the importance of facing the reality and simply moving on solely for YOURSELF. This in turn will allow you to grow stronger and be more selective which in turn will ultimately point you to Mr. Right. When you bounce back from a heartbreak don’t look for a “rebound”, but rather, look for a “choice”. A choice to move on and to not let your life slow down due to a heartbreak.


Invest in yourself FIRST and THEN Mr. Right:

As Blair Waldorf once told Chuck: “I want to be known as Blair Waldorf before I’m known as Chuck Bass’ girlfriend.” To all those girls still in school right now, don’t let the goal of finding Mr. Right be your ONE AND ONLY goal. You have a lot going for you so please focus on your own growth and build a life for yourself that you are proud to live. And THEN proceed to find that Mr. Right who you want to share your success with because girl, you have so much potential, please don’t let it go to waste because you were too focused on staring at your crush in class every day (I know, we are all guilty of it)! But seriously, let’s focus on ourselves before we invest our entire heart and soul into someone else. Get to know who you are and what you want from life and while you’re not even looking for him, your Mr. Right will come! On this note, check out the confidence article posted on our site to learn more about how to be confident and live the life of your dreams and let NOTHING stop you. No guy should be the reason you weren’t able to achieve your full potential.

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Patience Young Grasshopper:

They don’t say “Love is patient, love is kind…” for no reason. Your Mr. Right is one who will be compatible with you. One who will stand by you through thick and thin. He’ll be the hand to hold when you’re feeling alone. He will love you unconditionally for who you TRULY are, which means accepting your flaws as well. Most importantly, he will be your best friend. You should be able to tell him anything and everything. Don’t settle for anything less. We urge you to keep your eyes open and who knows maybe your Mr. Right was always in front of you, yet you chose to push him away for whatever reason. On the other hand, if you can sense that you are not happy in your current relationship and have already made ALL the necessary efforts to make this relationship work then just step back. Being single is so much better than being in an unhappy or toxic relationship. What’s meant to be will ALWAYS come back to you no matter how far it seems right now. As Chuck Bass once told Blair: “If two people are meant to be together, eventually they’ll find their way back.”


Don’t over complicate life, don’t beat yourself for being single, don’t EVER feel alone and NEVER let a guy define you. Mr. Right will come when the time is right so leave it to fate (as cheesy as that sounds) and in the meantime believe in yourself and know that you’re beautiful, strong and smart and that you have a lot going for you right now.


You are Ms. Right!!


S & B

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