S’s Everyday Makeup Routine

Hello beauties! So in this week’s post we wanted to focus on makeup! B already posted her everyday makeup routine which you should definitely check out! Today, I wanted to show you S’s makeup routine! I’ve been experimenting with makeup since middle school but was only allowed to wear it in 9th grade so I’ve had my fair share of fails along the way. I think I’ve finally found the products that work best for me in terms of avoiding breakouts while also being good quality and not too expensive! So lets jump right into my everyday makeup routine!

  1. Foundation: So I might be shunned for this, but I actually don’t use primer before foundation BUT before you kill me, I use Aveeno face cream to make sure my face is moisturized and it is actually one of the biggest tips I can give you for avoiding breakouts! Don’t worry if you have oily skin like me, moisturizing won’t make you MORE oily, it will just ensure your skin stays hydrated which is essential for clear skin. Then, I apply my Makeup Forever Ultra HD foundation onto a damp makeup sponge and dab it in areas that I need the most coverage. I tend to avoid the cheeks because I don’t need coverage there. So if your skin doesn’t NEED coverage in an area don’t cover! Natural beauty is the best kind of beauty. I000032225_0
  2. Concealer: I take my Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous concealer and apply that under my eyes and on any red spots on my face with my ring finger! My concealer is a little bit lighter than my foundation so that I make my under eyes brighter! 2275557
  3. Eyeliner: Now this next product is AMAZING and I SWEAR by it! It’s the Physicians Formula 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner + Serum which gives me a perfect wing every time because its so precise! Finding the perfect liquid eyeliner is so hard but this one is great and it doesn’t irritate my eyes which is great for anyone who is sensitive to makeup like me! It took me a lot of practice to get a perfect wing but committing to one type of eyeliner really helps because you get used to the brush and amount of liquid that is on the applicator. 450
  4. Brows: I take eyeshadow palette called “The Nudes” by Maybelline and apply the darkest brown matte colour on my eyebrows to fill and shape them with an angled brush. This is a great tip for people who don’t want to spend money separately for an eyeshadow palette and eyebrow powder, just get a palette that can do both! 2275252
  5. Mascara: I curl my lashes and use my L’Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes mascara. So just as B said in her everyday makeup routine, my mascara changes more often than any other product I use. However, because my eyes are sensitive to makeup and can start watering if the formula doesn’t sit well with me, I tend to gravitate towards L’Oreal mascaras because their formula doesn’t irritate my eyes. So I would highly recommend L’Oreal mascaras if you are also sensitive to makeup! 2222035
  6. Powder: I take my makeup sponge and dab it into my Elizabeth Arden powder and set my foundation and concealer. I prefer using a makeup sponge over a brush here because I find that when I use a brush to set my makeup, it looks a bit cakey whereas dabbing the powder really holds the product in place and doesn’t sit on the surface of your face. 06786280502-2
  7. Contour, Highlight, and Lips: I take my Maybelline Master Contour Face Contouring Kit and apply the powder contour to the hallows of my cheeks and around my temple to give some life to my face and use some highlighter from the kit to make me glow! The contour powder makes the look really natural and not streaky like a cream contour would do if you aren’t super well trained in makeup like me, it also makes it way easier to blend. Finally, I put on a bit of the NYX Lip Lingerie in the shade Bedtime Flirt with my finger and put lip balm over! 22952021458276634_62

And that’s it! That is my everyday makeup routine for the days that makeup is something I want to deal with 😉 I hope you all enjoyed this post and we would love to see your favourite makeup products in the comments below because we are always looking for new products to try! Hope you guys have a great Sunday!



S & B

Note: We do not own any of the pictures used.


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