Our Top 5 Fashion Essentials for Confidence:

Okay girls this post is all about feeling confident in what you wear! We already have a post about how to be confident on the inside but in this post, we’ll be looking at the external things that can make you feel like you’re on top of the world! So here are S & B’s top 5 fashion essentials for feeling confident!

1)      THE dress: Okay so there’s a reason that we capitalized “THE” and that’s because THE dress has a special meaning that a simple “dress” cannot compare to. THE dress is a dress that makes you feel like you are the most gorgeous girl on the planet. This may sound conceited but truly and honestly, we believe that this dress exists for everyone! It may change as trends come and go, but having one dress that makes you feel like you can take on the world when you put it on is essential! Dresses have an amazing ability to make a girl feel like a lady! They can be a little flirty and fun while showing off your feminine side and we, S & B, are all about embracing your curves and body no matter the size or shape! That’s why it’s essential to find THE dress that will ensure you accentuate all of the best parts of your body!

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2)      The perfect heel: GIRLS THIS IS A MUST HAVE! We cannot stress enough how important it is to have a go-to pair of heels that do NOT make your feet feel like they’re going to fall off by the end of the night! You will never feel 100% confident if you have a potentially bleeding foot! If you’re tall and heels make you feel less confident than find a pair of flats that are comfortable and cute! The point of the “perfect heel” is to make you have a confident walk! A confident walk can make your entire appearance look better so you avoid slouching and embrace the shoulders back look! Heels also add a feminine feeling to an outfit and dress up any plain outfit so your overall look is more put together!

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3)      Skinny jeans: Alright so it’s 2017 and skinny jeans are pretty much in every persons closet at this point but we have to say that we have gone through our fair share of skinny jeans that just didn’t seem to fit right. They can be too long or too short or too high waisted or low waisted so buying the right pair of skinny jeans is actually more challenging than it seems. We highly suggest you invest some time in trying out different brands for jeans instead of going with what is mainstream or what friends are buying! Every body is different and that SHOULD make the shopping experience for jeans different! But trust us when we say, when you find a good pair of skinny jeans, you’ll feel like a model because skinny jeans really help to show off the legs and butt area which are also two areas that can help boost confidence if they are shown off in the right way!

megan fox      Opt for the correct plus size clothes for creating a positive impression and grabbing some attention

4)      The little black top: So, this is obviously a spin off of “the little black dress” but we believe that a little black top is much more versatile in the fashion world. Having a black top that is flattering can be paired with so many different things to dress it up or down which makes it essential in our minds! A little black top is something that can be paired with casual jeans and sneakers or dressy pants and heels with both options having the ability to make you feel like the most beautiful you! The little black top also allows you to be bold in your makeup and colours of the other parts of your outfit since black goes with everything! So, get to the mall and find this holy grail fashion essential that will give you a dozen outfits that give you the confidence you need!

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5) Coats: In Gossip Girl, Blair Waldorf was seen wearing various trench coats (including the cape style). While she had many different ones, realistically 1-2 are fine! These can put together an outfit beautifully in the colder months. The perfect one will add in a bit of colour and class to your outfit. Check out the pics below to get an idea of the coats Blair wore.












There it is ladies! S & B’s top 5 fashion essentials that are sure to make you feel confident! Pair these with your favourite accessories and go out and rule the world. There are so many beautiful girls that hide under clothing to make sure that they are unnoticed but we want you all to step outside your comfort zone and look for clothes that make you feel unquestionably beautiful because we, S & B, think you are so why shouldn’t you?! We love you girls and hope your next shopping trip consists of some of these items!


S & B

Note: We do not own any of the pictures used in this post.


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