Top 12 Must Watch Movies/TV Shows

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This post is a little out of the ordinary but we think that it’s an important topic to talk about! Lets be honest here, we all love to binge watch TV or Netflix but have we ever thought about how these shows and movies influence our lives? We have compiled a list of shows and movies that have taught us a lesson or given us inspiration in some way to live our lives better! S & B want to share this list with you so you can try out some new shows and movies you’ve never heard of or rant in the comments about how these movies and shows have helped you in life!


1) MOVIE:  Titanic: Alright so everyone has probably watched or at least heard of this movie but just a refresher, Titanic is basically a retelling of the sinking of the Titanic with a focus on a love story that happens on the boat! This movie helps you understand that a partner should be someone who challenges you and gives you new perspectives on life so you can grow. Jack was a great influence on Rose in finding herself as a person rather than following the crowd that was focused on status. There is also just the fact that together, you can SEE the chemistry between Jack and Rose which shows what it can be like to be with your soulmate.


2) MOVIE: The Tourist: So this movie is not as well known but the actors sure are! Angelina Jolie plays a woman who is involved with a criminal and the police are trying to catch him and are using her to do it. Johnny Depp also plays a leading role in the movie so that should give you an extra incentive to watch 😉. This movie takes place in Europe and it must be known that Angelina’s character embodies the most elegant and confident version of a woman in a movie ever. It was such an inspiration to see the way she walked down a street with her head high and the way she spoke was slow and direct which did not make her intimidating but rather seem sure of herself. This movie is a great way to boost your self confidence through seeing the ways Angelina Jolie does so in her character.


3)  TV SHOW: Ugly Betty: This is a TV show that helps a lot with confidence. The idea of this show is a woman named Betty gets a job at a fashion magazine but she doesn’t exactly have the physical qualities that are expected of someone who works there. She is not super thin or by society’s standards, “beautiful”, but she is smart and caring. Over the seasons the viewer sees her come into her own and face the challenges that come with not being considered “beautiful”. This show was an eye opener on not only how to have confidence in yourself but also on how to treat others and that there is so much more to a person that their physical appearance! This show really gives the viewer strength to take on challenges in society because Betty goes through so many that she overcomes and learns from as well.


4) MOVIE: Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants: Okay so this movie is super girly we know but wow it had some great stories within it! Lena’s story is one that really goes out to all the shy girls. It’s a story of self discovery and being open to possibilities! Lena was a shy girl who was very conservative and went to Greece for the summer to be with family. Once she gets there she meets a boy who pushes her boundaries and allows her to see that there is no reason to be scared or shy! Her story in particular makes the viewer understand that its okay to be a shy person but to make sure that it doesn’t stop you from having certain experiences in life that might seem risky!

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5) MOVIE: Shall We Dance: So, this movie may not be well known but JLo is in it so you should really begin to get to know it! Of course, based on the title, the plot of the movie surrounds dance but really the topic could be anything from painting to basketball. Pretty much the movie surrounds a man who is bored with his life. He goes to work, exercises, comes home to his wife and child and repeats that everyday. One day he decides to go into a dance studio that JLo works at and begins to take dance lessons and overtime he learns to have a passion for life again! So, this movie is such a great way to get motivated and inspired to try something new and push your boundaries in terms of hobbies! You never know what you might love!


6) TV SHOW: Gilmore Girls: This TV show is a classic in our book! The show is about a mother and daughter that are more like best friends than anything and as the viewer you go through life’s ups and downs with them as boys come in and out of their lives and school and career goals are being pursued. This show really shows women as being capable and independent, not to mention that Rory (the daughter) is extremely smart in the show and focuses a lot of her time on school which a lot of shows now don’t focus so much on! You will love this show for the comedy but also the independence that the mother and daughter share that get them through all of their obstacles in the show! It really is inspiring and makes us want to get our butts off the couch and work on ourselves!


7) MOVIE: The Holiday: Yes, Christmas is still a few months away. But watching this movie during the holiday season is a must. It is a story about two women who are sick of their love lives during the holiday season and decide they need a change so they swap houses/cities for a certain period of time and little do they know that this decision would change their entire life. It teaches you that you do not deserve to be mistreated or to hang out on someone’s back burner. You are worth so much more and you deserve to have fun and find true love. This movie shows you that you might just find love in the most unexpected places. Therefore, go out, explore and live your life.


8) MOVIE: The Vow: This movie was based on a true story and it was completely moving. It was such an emotional movie that teaches a lot about unconditional love, sacrifices and struggles. It is about a married couple who gets into a car accident and the wife loses her memory. The husband has to make his wife fall in love with him all over again. Their journey is heartbreaking at times but hopeful.


9) MOVIE: Silver Linings Playbook: This movie follows the journey of two people who have faced unfortunate relationship problems. Once they meet, their life changes forever. This movie is all about finding the silver lining even in the darkest moments of your life. It emphasizes the importance of everything happening for a reason and thus it encourages positive thinking. Life will never go your way but it is up to YOU to find that one silver lining that will keep you going with a smile on your face. Take risks and you might find hope in the most unexpected places. This movie also encourages you to accept yourself with all your flaws and find someone who loves you for YOU.



10) MOVIE: He’s Just Not That Into You: Well this movie is VERY relatable for many of us. Sometimes when we have a crush on someone, we get so emotionally involved that we don’t know any better. WE might even get the signs that he’s just not interested, but still we keep pushing forward because we believe in that “maybe.” While that is great, positive thinking we need to understand the importance of letting go. Because sometimes holding on does more damage. This movie will encourage you to find a guy that will work equally as hard for you as you do for him. You will be each other’s “exception.”


11) MOVIE: Cinderella (2015): Okay so you obviously know how this story goes. But this movie is just so beautiful that it had to be put on this list. Sometimes in life you will feel miserable, unwanted and hopeless. In these dark moments, you WILL find your fairy godmother in the form of a shining light somewhere that will lead you to your goal. Your Prince Charming is out there, your perfect night is out there, true love and acceptance is out there. One day the shoe will fit. One day you will find your missing puzzle piece.


12) TV SHOW: Gossip Girl: You probably would have already guessed that this show would be on our list. This show is everything. It follows the journey of rich teenagers on the Upper East Side of NYC and their scandalous lives. This show will teach you about love, friendship, family and so much more. It will teach you to love yourself and to love and value those around you. It will encourage you to get up and chase your dreams. The lessons learned from this show cannot be summed up in just a few words. This show truly paints the big picture for you and it is undoubtedly worth a watch.



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