To Tinder or To Not Tinder

So let’s talk dating apps. Whether it be Tinder or Bumble or whatever new one is coming out right now, dating apps are taking over the millennial lifestyle. Meeting someone organically is becoming more and more rare when you have access to so many people in your area at your fingertips! There is a lot of negative stigma surrounding these dating apps because many people believe that dating apps are just for hookups and catfishes. However, there are a few benefits of having these dating apps and in today’s post we’re going to cover them.

1)      Practice Flirting: So we know that there are a lot of shy girls in the world and being shy does NOT mean anything bad! BUT if you are usually more reserved when it comes to talking to guys, a dating app might be perfect for learning to talk to different guys in a flirtatious way so that when the real deal comes along, you don’t stumble or blank out on your words! And who knows your flirting skills might end up with you going on a date so there is no harm in trying!

"Haha yeah me too! :)" backspace backspace backspace - Imgur

2)      Learning to be unattached: This is a personal lesson learned while using dating apps. A lot of the time girls can get attached to a guy that they start talking to and if they decide it’s not what they want, girls can have a breakdown over something that wasn’t even a relationship. Now this is totally natural if you are a more emotional person, however, it can help so much to talk to many guys at once on these dating apps in order to show you that there are plenty of people to talk to and that there is no reason to latch onto one and ignore all the attention you might be getting somewhere else! THIS GOES FOR WHEN YOU ARE NOT IN A RELATIONSHIP THOUGH!

Give People Time. Give People Space (Live Life Happy)

3)      Meet new people: Even though so many people get dating apps for the sole purpose of hookups, there are also many people who get them as a way to meet new people! This can be if you moved to a new city and are looking to make friends or just to make new connections! It can be tough to figure out what someone wants from a dating app so we highly advise that you are straight up about what you want from it to the people you talk to. Also, we don’t recommend meeting up with anyone on these dating apps unless you feel 100% comfortable and it is in a public space! SAFETY FIRST LADIES!

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Well there you have it friends! The three benefits of having dating apps! This may not seem like a lot of positives but if you are specifically looking to get better at flirting, becoming less attached, or just to meet new people then why not try out a dating app!

BUT WE WANT TO WARN YOU, do not take these apps too seriously right off the bat! A lot of people end up getting hurt if they believe that they’ll find a soulmate from these apps! So try to take the apps as a fun activity and if anything happens from there, that’s a bonus! You might download this app with extremely high expectations and you might think that the selection of people Tinder gives you is unimaginably perfect….but this is wrong. It’s soooo important to keep your expectations low because the world of Tinder can be a let down for many people. There are several statistics out there that talk about how men swipe right more often than women. A quote from a daily mail article says: “…new evidence suggests the apps have created a different kind of problem – men play Tinder like a game, swiping right to everyone just to see who has ‘liked’ them.” (Source: There are many other sources as well that talk more about how Tinder is being used and abused. Some people do not like Tinder solely because of the lack of trust that arises from messaging people and not knowing what their true intentions are. Some questions that come across are:

“I wonder how many other girls he’s messaging right now?”

“Am I just a standby option for him until he finds someone better?”

“Is he interested in just a hookup or something more?”

And the list goes on…

Basically the point we want to make here is to not get so attached with a Tinder/Bumble match. Don’t be so invested in them that you stress yourself out over think and analyzing and wondering why they aren’t responding or why they updated their profile pictures. They are not your bf/gf. You are not exclusive with them. They are not accountable to you unless you two have talked about something more serious along those lines.

Download Tinder/Bumble to have fun with. But if you go in expecting to find the love of your life, then we hate to break it to you, but you might be left disappointed.

BUT there are diamonds out there. Rare and much harder to find, but when you do, keep them and cherish them.


S & B


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