The Single Life

Are you single? Do you feel lonely and sad sometimes because you don't have that someone special? Do you feel left out? If so, this post is for you!! A bunch of people think that being single sucks.  They treat it as a disease that they need to get rid of at any cost. We’ve … Continue reading The Single Life


Feeling left out?

This week’s topic has become such a norm that no one even cares to address it. It's about status and how many of us are forced into thinking that we aren't "cool" because we didn't attend a party or major event that everyone else seems to be bragging about. Imagine this: It is a bright … Continue reading Feeling left out?

How to be Confident

Confidence. It’s a word that can change a person’s life. It can make you into the person that you always were but that the world has deemed you unable to be. Today I want to help you become that person. I want you to feel like you can walk into a coffee shop and strike […]